#TwoFeet Brand Activation

In 2016 McCo Group was instrumental in developing and implementing a creative campaign to officially launch the flagship campaign for SYC’s HYPA (Helping Young People Achieve) division – #TwoFeet.

McCo Group worked closely with the SYC team to develop a creative concept that embodied the #TwoFeet campaign’s goal to help ‘young people stand on their own two feet’ – and came up with the idea of a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ attempt in the heart of Adelaide,

Our consultants created a strategic communications plan, incorporating media, marketing, social media and video, to integrate the record breaking attempt into the #TwoFeet campaign to engage consumers and the media. Working on the premise of #TwoFeet, we called on people to break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for creating the largest human image of a foot. This was a visually oriented record attempt to capture the public’s and media attention as well as linking back to the #TwoFeet concept.

McCo Group worked closely with SYC to provide ongoing strategic support throughout the planning and preparation of the event.

As well as creative input, our consultants managed all media activities, including the distribution of press releases, coordinating interviews with radio and television, the dissemination of drone footage and photos, and engaging on social media.

In October 2016, HYPA created the world’s largest human image of a foot, breaking the previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title of 260, culminating in drone footage of 313 people gathered together in the shape of a foot and toes.

This creative brand activation was strategically led by McCo Group and resulted in the highly effective positioning of the #TwoFeet campaign as well as delivering measurable results, with a focus on return on investment. It resulted in extensive coverage of stories featuring key messages across over 40 media outlets, including print, radio, television and online, with a total audience reach of over 1.2 million across South Australia.

SYC is a not-for-profit organisation centred on employment, training and youth services. The #TwoFeet campaign promotes the core philosophy which is focussed on helping young people ‘stand on their own two feet’ and create and maintain independent, constructive and prosperous lives.