Being in the public eye is daunting for most, but for many professionals it’s part of the job description.

The McCo Group has created a series of training workshops, designed to make you feel more comfortable in the spotlight, whether it is honing your public speaking skills or building your confidence for media interviews. We understand how the media works and will share its complexities with you.

Our media training sessions are designed to improve your interview skills – in a safe environment, where we practice interview scenarios with you in the full glare of the cameras and then provide feedback and recommendations on how to leverage those opportunities better.

We also create sessions for professionals from all backgrounds to further develop presentation skills, be it for informal presentations for business development, formal presentations, lectures or general public speaking opportunities.

All our seminars are tailored to your organisation, the roles of staff members being trained and the industry sector you operate in, delivering valuable skills that clearly meet the needs of your business.

We can teach old dogs new tricks