Offer One

Annual Report Creation

McCo Group has teamed up with WhiteDesign to create an attractive annual report solution for you.

We understand that organisations have different needs, so we have created three packages for you to choose from:

Tier 1: 24 – 32 pages (A4 portrait)

Complete Tier 1 package:$8,500+GST

Discounted Tier 1 package for not-for-profit organisations:$8,000+GST

Tier 2: 36 – 44 pages (A4 portrait)

Complete Tier 2 package:$11,900+GST

Discounted Tier 2 package for not-for-profit organisations:$11,200+GST

Tier 3: 48 – 56 pages

Complete Tier 3 package:$15,800+GST

Discounted Tier 3 package for not-for-profit organisations:$14,600+GST

Please call the McCo Group office on 08 7231 7900 or send us an email on [email protected]


Offer Two

Video Production

At McCo Group we provide our clients with high quality, professionally produced, video for use on websites, social media or presentations.
Our in-house Digital Content Producer (DCP) is hands on with every project ‘end to end’ and our video product is shot by professional camera crews with years of commercial broadcast experience. Post Production is also completed in house by our DCP using industry standard software.

McCo Group will deliver a professionally, produced, shot and edited 1:30 to 2:00 minute video for your company for just

Our offer includes:
2 Hours of pre-production
4 Hours of filming
4 Hours of editing
Graphics reflecting your business logo at the head and tail of each video
Music clearance for a single track

So what are you waiting for?

Affordable, professionally produced video content for your company
is just a phone call away.

Please call the McCo Group office on 08 7231 7900 or contact Kristy direct via [email protected]